The studio

Alberti & Fontana s.t.p.—first law firm registered in the special Bar and Law Society of Vicenza— was established in January 2005 by the founding partners of the same name, Francesco Fontana and Nicola Alberti. The lawyers were united by their common enthusiasm and ongoing dialectics in delving into legal topics linked to corporate dynamics.

The studio offers its consultancy in different areas of business and company law, with particular skills in a wide range of industrial sectors, which include: defense in civil and criminal cases concerning confidential information, joint venture agreements, due diligence and company restructuring, assistance in merger and acquisition operations, including assistance in the early stages of purchase/sale of shares, transfer of companies and/or company branches, drawing up and negotiation of the correlated agreements and/or tools for these operations and shareholders’ regulation of corporate equilibrium.

Alberti & Fontana s.t.p. deals with topics regarding industrial and intellectual property (trademarks, patents, unfair competition, copyright), labor and corporate law, in the out-of-court stage (drawing up and providing consultancy for corporate contracts, company deeds, license contracts), as well as contentious, arbitral and administrative proceedings.

The studio also offers assistance in property transactions, which includes: purchase, decommissioning and valuation of property, also implemented through designated companies or construction companies, handling the relative contracts even during the subsequent stage of tender procedure for renovation, extraordinary maintenance and/or lease.

Lastly, Alberti & Fontana s.t.p. performs in-company management training activities, with a common outlook towards (a) preventing conflicts in the area of labor and company law, (b) protecting and enhancing corporate assets, including the prototyping and industrialization processes for the products and customer loyalty initiatives, (c) adopting every opportune initiative aimed at stopping unfair competition by competitor companies, both in the field of industry and business.