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The only official language of the website and its content www.alberti-fontana.it is italian. The non-italian versions of this website are to be considered "convenience of reading translations" and therefore unofficials. Therefore, Alberti & Fontana reserves the right to change or amend these translations, with exemption from any related liability .

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Liability limit

The information contained in the site were developed by Alberti & Fontana according to the criteria of good faith, completeness and accuracy, but without constraint exhaustive. This information is controlled and updated regularly with due diligence, could in any case new facts emerge undetected on information published.

Alberti & Fontana reserves the right to implement, integrate, modify, correct and update at any time and without notice, the content of the Site, correcting typographical errors and eliminating or even replacing entire sections of the Site. Alberti & Fontana assumes however no commitment about the timing of renovation and not give any guarantee for the use that the user wishes to make of the news and information on the site.

In no event Alberti & Fontana will be liable for any direct or indirect, originated from the use of the Site or the dissemination of information and data contained therein. Alberti & Fontana also not responsible for the content of sites and services offered by third parties, which can be accessed through hyperlinks from the pages of the Site, and any other content that is contrary to the Laws and Regulations of the Italian state in the resource of the third .

If a visitor to face access to a site linked to the Site do so at their own risk, taking visitors are required to take every precaution and maintain and / or size needed (or even desirable) against viruses or other destructive elements or interfering with your computer system.

The links from or to other websites does not imply that Alberti & Fontana licensing out or loan the brand, and even sponsors or is affiliated or associated with third parties that provide or promote the services described on websites unrelated to Alberti & Fontana.

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